Plastic coat hangers? I hate them. They are rubbish, break easily and are bad for your clothes.
They are usually given away with a purchase of clothing..
Even if you refuse the hanger don’t fondly think it is automatically going to be reused. Many clothes now are bought, ready- hung from the manufacturer. They are not hung in store.
Some of the larger coat hangers may be reused at home but there is a limit to how many coat hangers you need.

And if you are talking knickers vests and the like, those hangers are little more than one-use disposables. Unless you have a strange fetish for them, you don’t keep them and the stores certainly don’t reuse them.

The amount of waste created by these disposable hangers in phenomenal. It is claimed the USA alone they get through 8 billion plastic /wire hangers a year . – enough to fill the empire states building 4 times over. You can  find a lot more statistics on hanger abuse here.

And no recycling is not the answer!

Saying NO to plastic coat hangers

Refuse – I try to buy un-hung clothes when ever possible. That means clothes that are not displayed on hangers.

Marks & Spencers – Occasionally I do buy pre-hung clothes. But first  I ask what the shops policy is on recycling those hangers. Most companies say they recycle them and there are bins provided. But recycling is only a better form of waste disposal. It is still WASTE and still costs a lot of money. If the product is unnecessary in the first place, is a huge misuse of resources.

Which means I buy from Marks & Spencers who say they reuse the hangers.

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  1. I always refuse a coat hanger when I buy from you. what happens to them?

    Hi, we fully support recycling through a PlanA scheme, please follow this link here for more info
  2. don’t understand. Do you REUSE the hanger. Ie hang new clothes on it. Or recycle it i.e. melt it down into something else?

  3. We reuse and recycle when the hangers are not fit for purpose.

    What To Do With Plastic Hangers

    Reuse – but if you do end up with unwanted hangers you can try giving them away.  Charity shops sometimes need more coat hangers and you can often get rid of them them via  free cycle.

    Return I don’t have many clothes that need dry cleaning, but when I do get that done, I return the hanger.

    Plastic Free Alternatives

    At Home

    Wooden Hangers At home I hang my clothes on wooden hangers. I buy mine from wherever I see them (including Ikea).

    In Shops

    If you are a shop owner or dry cleaner and you really need a disposable hanger – here’s are some addresses for cardboard hangers you can recycle.

    U.K Hangers Of London

    Defenda are made in the U.K.

    If you are questioning your use of plastic or wire coat hangers, due to the environmentally devastating effect their disposal has on landfill each year, you will be delighted to know that an alternative exists.

    DEFENDA Green Hangers Are Environmentally Friendly Corrugated Cardboard Clothes Hangers / Coat Hangers.
    UK Manufactured For Reduced Import Miles

    These Strong ECO-FRIENDLY Corrugated Alternatives To Plastic & Metal Wire Coat Hangers Are Produced From Recycled Corrugated Board & Are 100% Recyclable. They Are Ideal For Commercial Or Domestic Use i.e. Dry Cleaning Companies, Laundrettes, Clothes Shops / Retailers etc

    They Are Also A Safer Option For Organisations Where Safety Is a Concern Such As: HM Prison Services, Mental Health Facilities, Care & Nursing Homes & Many Other Institutions Where Metal Or Plastic Hangers Can Be Used As Weapons Or Allow For Self-Harming Among Patients.


    Or these Normn Hangers

    The Solid Board that the hangers are made from is 100% recycled. The hangers too are 100% recyclable after you are done using them. So when its time for fresh ones, you can just pop the old ones into the paper recycling and they’ll re-surface perhaps as a paper cup, stationary or maybe even into a new, cool sustainable hanger. PLUS our hangers are printed with vegetable-based inks – they do absolutely no harm to nature.

    Sustainability in manufacturing

    All our hangers are produced by our exclusive partner Smurfit Kappa. They are one of the world’s largest integrated manufacturers of paper-based packaging products. They have also won several sustainability awards. We continuously work closely with Smurfit Kappa to research and develop new models of perfectly crafted, sustainable hangers.



    You can see all our posts on clothing, fabrics and the plastic-free wardrobe here.

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5 thoughts on “Clothes hangers

  1. 100% of wood hangers end up in landfills. They are unrecyclable, noncompostable, and not biodegradable. Wire hooks, vinyl no-slip pads, petroleum-based stains and sealers, non-FSC wood, all make the wood hanger a very bad choice.

    Best solutions: Ditto Hangers. Made from 100% recycled paper fiberboard, the Ditto Hanger fits up to 300% more clothes than wood hangers, holds well over 20lbs, and does not off-gas into closed closets like wood, plastic or wire hangers do.

    Check them out:

  2. I always give them back, but don’t trouble the cashier with difficult questions. In M&S I think they usually *ask* if you want the hangers. I’m currently drowning in a sea/mountain of kiddie hangers – brace yourselves, The Charity Shops of Ormskirk!

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