One of the most innovative plastic recycling companies I have come across is the Wales based Smileplastics. They make the most wonderful plastic sheeting out of old wellies, C.D.ds, banknotes and everything else.

Here’s how

“The material we buy often looks like multi-coloured cornflakes which we lay out by hand in our moulds and then press in our hydraulic presses. Through heat and thousands of tons, the material fuses and takes the shape of the mould before we cool it and take out a solid sheet of recycled plastic – our product.

Most of our sheets are made from 100% waste plastic – we don’t add any binding agents or resins, so it is simply the combination of heat and pressure that transforms the individual chunks or flakes into a complete board.”

These are not just recycled plastics but works of art with the main ingredient determining how the end product looks. The children’s rubber welly sheet is large blobs of colour and rubbery. The banknote features shredded banknote in clear plastic for the rolling in millions feel

The plastic sheets can be used for anything from furniture to work surfaces.

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  1. Is there a way to get a grant to help fit what happen to plastic, I have come up with a way to use old pc and other plastic. Together to help a lot..

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