There I was happily scouring away when I realised it was taking longer than usual to shift the burnt remnants at the bottom of the pan. When I checked out my little brush I found was well past its best. Its bristles were all flattened and splayed.

Off I trotted to buy a new head only to realise some time later I had been had! The beasts who made my pot brushes have replaced the organic bristles with plastic. When I  looked closely you will see my cute little brush is in fact part plastic. If you want to know more about bristles (and sneaky plastic imposters), you can read about them here.

This it seems is quite common with local brushes. Even when I have found a natural bristle brush, buying single replacements heads is not easy.

Redecker Brushes

If you are fully committed to a brush on a stick, there is the rather expensive  Redecker, a German company, who do brushes and head replacements such as this:

Large Natural Bristle Dish Washing Brush – Stiff Plant Fibre (Pack of 2) by Redecker from £5.90

  • Impressive cleaning power, made with natural materials
  • Stiff plant fibre bristles ideal for all dish washing purposes
  • Large 5cm diameter brush head (cleaning area approx. 7cm diameter )
  • Untreated beechwood handle with metal loop for hanging to dry
  • Replacement brush heads also available to purchase separately

You can buy all the above from Amazon and Ebay.

Buy Local (Bradford) scrubbers at saltaire

In Saltair, world heritage site, the mill has been converted into a lifestyle space. The ground floor is a gallery housing the work of Bradford boy made good, David Hockney. Upstairs there are some great cafes and lots of lovely, designer shops includingthe homeware shop that sells a wide range natural bristle brushes from pot cleaners to tradition scrubbing brushes.

More Kitchen Brushes

Redecker do a  natural bristle brush for just about every job. I went a bit mad and invested heavily.How strange the twists of fate. I never thought I would be the kind of woman to get excited about cleaning products – yet here I am reliving the 1950s, beaming about my new kitchen aids; but they dont just look good, they work well too.

The bottle brush is ideal for radiators while the pan scrubs – well they scrub. Not quite sure what the tickler on the left is for but my new Clean n Gleam persona will surely find a use for it.

Even better once these scrubbers are past their best then its into the wood bruning stove with them. For a moment they will warm us –  then their ashes will be scattered on the gooseberry bushes.

  • 1 x Redecker Natural Bristle Pot Brush pot brushes featured
  • Redecker Plant Fibre Bristle Dish Brush
  • Redecker Natural Fibre Sink Plug Hole Brush
  • Redecker Plant Fibre Bristle Dish Brush 4cm
  • Redecker Natural Fibre Bottle Brush With Cotton Ball Tip
  • Redecker Natural Fibre Bottle Brush With Wooden Handle
  • Redecker Natural Bristle Bottle / Flask Brush



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  1. Be even better to think that you got your inspiration from your very own Mother’s

  2. Excellent…….well researched as ever and very interesting to read… I.e. Not boring !

  3. Cool – another good reason to move there – also bits of loofa work well for not to dirty pans xx

  4. I find that raw coconut fibre (from the husks)is wonderful for scrubbing pots. For anyone who lives in the tropics it easy to get your hands on some even for free, otherwise your local garden centre may stock some.

  5. All ways welcome a new scrubber on the block Ben and thanks for the kind words. good luck with the loofas

  6. Hi, I am Ben Hodges co-founder of Michael’s Original.
    We are a small company which hand makes, organically grown, soon to be certified Fair Trade by WFTO, biodegradeable washing up implements (brushes, sponge, scourers,etc). Our eco credentials are secound to none, we create no pollution (except from transport) no “waste” everything is recycled through our composts and wormeries…we are interested in you comments, so please view our website and talk to our UK distributor Natural Eco Trading …..Best wishes Ben Hodges.
    P.S. Your blog appears to be honest and informed unlike so many I come across that appear to be marketing tools of less scrupulous companies/ people than our selves.

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