Hurrah, hooray – plastic free living is being tried by the BBC – or rather more accurately Christine Jeavans. She has decided to give up plastic for a month and is writing daily bulletins – see the  BBC blog.
It feels all heart warming to see that my blog is amongst those listed on her blog roll.

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  1. I know its great isnt it (the BBC link) and thanks for your link. Its great to be in touch with people doing this sort of thing – I wish Id known about zero waste sooner. I have been plodding along feeling rather lonely and that the people doing the most were on the other side of the pond. Dont want to sound jingoistic, but its good to know their is a home grown internet presense too.

  2. Hi Darling,

    I was so excited to see us all listed on the BBC too – yipee! I’m hoping that lots more people will find you through that link and can see all the great things you are up to.

    Likewise Mrs A – who is about to become an author – how cool is she?

    The word is gradually spreading and it’s lovely to meet so many people on a similar path all across the globe 🙂

  3. Its great news isnt it – that people are beginning to think about what happens to their rubbish. Thanks for the kind words – when I get my waste down to a single plaster then I will deserve them. Well done and take care

  4. Hi PolythenePam – thanks for the link here and for the great comments. They are very much appreciated. I think it is brilliant that the topic has hit mainstream journalism and Chris’ blog has got a lot of people really thinking about the issue to hand. Other blogs like yours help to make the issues more prolific and digestible to those who hit the topic for the first time. Compared to you, I count myself as still a bit of a newbie, having only been going since January. Anyway, keep inspiring everyone ;-D

  5. I am and it does but so to has the support of everyone who has been kind enough to comment

  6. You must be well pleased to see your blog on her blogroll. I think that it must give you an added incentive that what you’re doing is worthwhile, which of course it really is! xx

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