Fish And Chips

Fish and chips are possibly the easiest plastic free take out to fine but increasingly they are being served in polystyrene  trays. Just refuse them and ask for your fish and chips to be wrapped in paper. They taste just the same and you are not leaving a permanant reminder of you lunch for your children’s, children’s children.

Other Take Out 

have a look at  Takeout Without and their very cool blog…

“You aren’t really going to, are you?” my partner is looking at the pile of reusable plastic containers I’ve just pulled out of a bag in the back seat.

“They don’t mind,” I assure him as we enter Broadway Station Sushi, “I’ve done it here before.”

He looks embarrassed, but I am not easily deterred. We place our takeout order at the counter and I hand over the pile of containers. The woman behind the cash register doesn’t even give us a weird look as she passes them to the sushi chef along with our order. read on do likewise


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