I have tried to make my own dishwasher powder but with variable success. Rather sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t and it can’t be so green to wash them twice. Very glad then to hear tell of plastic free dishwasher powder on sale. Not used it yet but will be trying it very soon.

Sainsbury Supermarket

have come up trumps with this dish was powder in a cardboard box. Not used it my self but   who sourced this  assures me the packaging really is plastic free. Hooray.

Though according to Louise” they now have a small plastic attachment to the pourer that is black so non-recyclable in my area. Previously this pourer was metal and previous to that cardboard.”

Waitrose Supermarket

Vicky tells me that Waitrose essentials come like this too.

My Hand

For those of you who prefer washing up old school you can find how to do it, plastic free, right here. Everything from washing up liquid to rubber gloves!


While you are there you can check out these other Sainsburys plastic free products.

And see what other supermarkets do here.





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