Really can’t give up fizzy drinks but don’t want to buy them in poison plastic bottles?

Think using a container once then throwing it away is a profligate waste?

Well move to Huddersfield where we have lemonade, and other stuff, in  returnable glass bottles.

I know it sounds a crazy idea, but in the olden days people used to reuse bottles all the time.These days of course we throw the plastic bottle away, but there are still some reusable bottles out there.

Ben Shaws fizzy drinks come in one litre, glass, returnable bottles with a 20p deposit. And they sell Dandelion and Burdock.

The news agents on Westbourne Road, Marsh, stock them and I am sure there are others.

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4 thoughts on “Soft / Fizzy drinks out of date – no title

  1. Thanks for dropping by – I think the drinks taste better from glass bottles and they seem to stay fizzy for longer. I really hope you get to keep your glass bottles and dont go the way its gone in the UK

  2. hi. I’m from the Philippines. Here we have to return glass bottles after drinking the soda. We also have the 1.5 litre plastic bottles and soda-in-cans but they’re not as popular as the reusable bottle! Unfortunately, only sodas (lead by coca-cola and pepsi) have such kinds of bottles, juice and tea drinks usually come in plastic bottles (#1)

  3. Thanks for that – it is a great idea. I went and bought a soda syphon from the market – looked great – really retro but didn’t work – I am saving up for a new one. Will post when I get it together.

  4. I actually just bought the soda quick…it’s made from plastic (number 1) but you use this bottle over and over…filled with tapwater, it puts the bubbles in it, and you can also put some (organic) sirop in it…this way, I make my own iorganic coola, limonade etc etc, but nevr have to go out and buy bottles anymore!

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